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" Lauren "
Great Bargain on a Scroll Plate!
February 15, 1939

This great old gal might have a bit of wear on her "face" but she can keep up with the best of Featherweights when it comes to her sewing ability.  It seems many of the older ladies have the best manners and are the most pleasant to use on a daily basis.  Such is the case with my personal Featherweight.  She isn't the prettiest girl on the block, but she will treat you the best!  Perhaps she is missing some of her decals, and her clear coat has "wrinkles" and scars, but you'll see Lauren still has that special glow.

You will see that Lauren's clear coat finish is showing her age.  She is not the bright shining star she once was, but she still sews like a youngster!  She has the beautiful Chrome features found only on the earliest Featherweights, and she would be the perfect candidate for a future complete restoration if you ever wanted to do so.  I myself prefer them as they are with all their history showing, but I know there are those who would enjoy restoring in the future.  Because of all of her fabulous chrome details, Lauren is quite sought-after.

Note the special Chrome touches Lauren sports such as the Stitch Regulator Plate, Handwheel, Spool Pin cover screw and others.

Included with Lauren are the following:

  Original Owner's Manual
  Original Green Accessory Box
  Foot Hemmer
  Adjustable Hemmer
  5 Bobbins
  Original Bakelite Foot Pedal
  Original Carrying Case
  Case Key
  Copy of the Singer Service Manual
  Copy of the Singer Adjuster's Manual
  My own Hints and Tips
  Help and advice whenever you need it. 
Lauren's Carrying Case is in good condition with just average bumps and nicks.  The fabric covering is intact and the leather handle is sturdy.  The latches and hinges are nice and strong.

Below is an actual sample of Lauren's beautiful stitching ability.  This is the perfect Featherweight for a seamstress looking to put her back to work.

The Bakelite Foot Controller is in very good condition and sports brand new rubber feet.

The cover and some of the pages in the Manual are loose, but all the information is there and this is the manual that originally came with this Featherweight.  Her first seamstress added a few notes to herself which is quite sweet.