For as many years as I've been creating bears (over 10,)  I've been collecting Singer Featherweight sewing machines.  The very first time I tried one of these amazing machines was the last time I ever used anything else.  I was hooked and I found it impossible not to bring every single one home that I ever came across.  And the number was considerable since I spend so much time in antique shops.   Now they've taken over the studio and I must find homes for many of them.  I'll be putting them up for sale here so someone else can use and enjoy them like I have.  They are fascinating and amazing little workhorses and you will never be sorry you treated yourself to one.  However, I must warn you - like bears, they are highly addictive.

Although the Singer Featherweight is highly sought after by quilters, I create mohair teddy bears on mine.  As a professional Teddy Bear Artist, my sewing machines are the tools of my trade and I will not consider using anything other than a vintage Singer Featherweight. You won't find a finer or more durable workhorse, even in a fancy new sewing machine. The precision and care that went into manufacturing these Featherweights is unsurpassed and they certainly earned their nickname: "The Perfect Portable."   Introduced in 1933 at the Chicago World's Fair, the Model 221 was very expensive for the time.  But, Singer had a great idea in their 11 pound wonder and it was an instant success.  Anyone using one will immediately see why.  They sew through thick fur with ease.  You can imagine how well these little wonders will perform quilting duty.  Pop a leather needle in and you'll have no trouble sewing multiple layers of leather and suede.  

Please take note:  I am suspending my Featherweight for the time being until we have settled into a new home with a workshop.  For now I'm living the dream on a beautiful tropical island in Florida in a fabulous (but temporary) historic cottage.  When I come back to earth, I hope to open my Featherweight page up again.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

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~ Vintage Singer Featherweight
Sewing Machines ~
It's hard for me to let go of any of my Featherweights, but knowing the excitement the new owners get is such a great reward.  I've made new friends and I enjoy hearing about the beautiful things my machines are creating.  Actually, I'm not selling them as much as adopting them out.

Of course, Featherweights are found in all sorts of conditions.  There are those that have rarely been outside their cases and these showpieces are rated "mint."  There are also those that have seen a lot of service and are rated "for sewing, not showing."  Then there are those that are in-between, the "sew or show" models.  They have scratches, nicks, and odd marks here and there, and some of the decals have been worn thin by the hands of the seamstresses who used and loved their Featherweights.  They are all special in their own right and all have a place in the sewing room.

All of the Featherweights from my collection will come freshly serviced..  They were tested not by just sewing a line or two, but by actually creating bears on them. (The bears shown with the sewing machines have already found new homes and are not included with the sewing machines.)   They have been cleaned, serviced, and tuned up and will be ready to plug in and sew when they arrive.  The photo below shows a Featherweight that has been totally cleaned and is ready for reassembly.  Every nut, bolt, gear and belt gets checked out.

Every single bear shown on every page of this website was created with the aid of a Singer Featherweight! 
This page is dedicated to Pat in Arizona, shown here with her Featherweight I was honored to provide. 
Rest in peace beautiful lady and thank you for your life-long friendship to my dear mother.

Dear Cathy,
A little over a month ago I made a special side trip on my way home to my mother's house. She had told me that she had something for me, but I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was very excited about this particular gift--which made me curious and excited too! When I arrived, she proudly showed me a black box with a handle on top sitting on her kitchen counter. You'd think that I'd get to open said box and take a peek inside, right? Not so. "Guess what it is!" is what I got instead.
So I guessed. A record box. An old art tool box. An excessively nice hunting ammo box. I hadn't the faintest idea. But I knew it was old. It smelled so nice!
When I was at last permitted to open my gift, I was floored. I stood and stared down into my box, slack jawed, for several moments before I could begin to explore. This was definitely not what I had imagined would be sitting in my mother's kitchen waiting all day for me after a long day's work. As we explored together, Mom filled me in on its history (I'm very familiar with your beautiful work) and all of its accessories. Simply gorgeous! And to be in such perfect shape! I've never seen anything like it. I even got giddy at your gift. I am an avid reader and I feel that I need to be fully educated on things of this nature before I feel comfortable exploring. Thank you for the thoughtful addition!
I proudly took it home (I recall it was a Wednesday because we had our weekly dinner with friends) and showed it off but I don't think anyone else showed it the proper reverence. Boys! But I carefully packed it back up until I had time to play with my new toy.
Fast forward to about six weeks later. My house is a little fuller but my schedule is intermittently a little emptier. I took my princess out of its box a couple of days ago. Every time I walk by it I take a deep whiff. Love that smell! Today is the first day that I will be cracking the spines on both the book you gave me and the owner's manual. I don't think I'll get to start using it today but I intend to take it on a test drive in the next day or two. I have a patio table cover that needs some repair and I think this will be an ideal opportunity to get my machine's measure before I try anything more precise. After that, I have a few outfits planned for my daughter.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this machine. I've already thanked my mother profusely, but you are the one who took such incredible care with this Singer. I will treasure it and care for it always. It's in good hands, I promise. And someday, if either of my girls takes to the craft, it will be passed down as a family heirloom.
Take care and thanks again!
To send an email, click on the photo of my secretary or you can write to:
" I am SOOOO pleased with my Featherweight purchase from this
Seller - Cathy excels at refurbishing Featherweights and her
packaging for shipping is Superb! It arrives like a present to
No one photographs Featherweights so attractively; Cathy, I
don't know how anyone could resist one of yours based on on
your presentation.
I wouldn't purchase a Featherweight from any other Seller than
you, with your guarantee and back-up access to your extensive
knowledge of the inner workings of these little treasures."

Perfect in every way!Gorgeous machine!Very safely packaged for shipping!A+++++++


Machine is absolutely beautiful!! Seller was really wonderful too!! A+++++++++++ 

Cathy is THE person to buy a Singer Featherweight from. She knows her machines 
Fantastic Tried & True Singer Sewing Featherweight 221 (#320418562489)

Thank You, the sewing machine was beautiful, very fast shipping, very happy!

The sweetest little machine that I could have bought. HAPPY SEWING!!

What a beautiful machine. Great packaging, quick shippment Thanx....!

What a cute machine, I love it! Great packaging! Will buy from you again!

Grand experience - wonderful machine expertly packed with timely delivery. YEA!

Absolutely Great deal! Everything promised plus, a beautiful item as stated.WOW

The condition of the machine is wonderful ! Kind selller Thank you !!

A++*~EXCELLENT Machine~SUPER Pack~FAST Ship~VERY PLEASED~Thanks Cathy!


Oh my gosh!!! It was more than I expected. It is beautiful. Thanks

the best purchase I've made. So much better than the description

Opening wrapped & ribboned packages was a childhood-like memorable experience!

Love this woman!! I am very happy with my purchase. Very reliable seller!!!!

Hope some of this artist's magic finds it's way into my stitches, WONDERFUL!!!!

I had to share with you a few photos of a wonderful quilting group.  These children are being taught the art of sewing by an amazing woman.  They call themselves the Seam Rippers and they are learning to sew on my Featherweights.  I can't tell you how touched I am to see them creating such beautiful things at such a young age.  I believe our Featherweights truly will endure for generations to come.  (All machines provided by Cathy Lynn Forcino)
Sasha wants to help open the carton!
Hi Cathy,
I received a notice from the Post Office on Friday that "****" had arrived.  I picked it up this morning and was a bit concerned about some damage to the box, however your careful attention to packing it safely protected it from any harm. When you described the steps you take to avoid damage, at first I thought that was a little over the top, but now see why you do take all the extra steps to ensure a safe transit.  I carefully unwrapped the machine and was totally impressed with the condition. You did a very accurate job of describing the condition of "***".  E.J.

Hi Cathy,
I received my Featherweight today. Although I was aware of your excellent reputation as a seller of Featherweights on eBay, the experience of buying from you far exceeded my expectations. Wow! Thank you for taking so much pride and care in sending me my new gem. Please let me know if you have a white Featherweight that you want to sell. I would be very interested in purchasing it from you. On a different note, I visited your website and saw some of your beautiful teddy bear creations. Your artistry is amazing. I have to add one of your teddy bears to my gift wish list.
Warmest regards,

This is to inform you that the machine was received today in very good condition. The packing was excellent and the ran well right out of the box. That is a first! Of the last dozen machines I have purchased on EBay, this is the only one that actually runs and sews well without any adjustments.

Arrived in same shape advertised. Gorgeous! My best Ebay experience so far. Thx
Member id t9v4p3l2 ( Feedback Score Of 294)
Jan-04-12 11:57
ULTIMATE ! MINT ! SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT 222 FREE ARM CONVERTIBLE SEWING MACHINE (#320816871928)                            US $1,825.00

Item arrived beautifully packaged and just as described!!! Wonderful seller!!
Member id rhinorody ( Feedback Score Of 540) Dec-28-11 20:07

Absolutely perfect! Everything about the transaction was perfect. Thank you!!!
Member id jzabuska ( Feedback Score Of 54)  Dec-21-11 04:42

Perfect Christmas Gift! LOADED Gorgeous Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (#320808512628)   US $610.00

Excellent experience
Member id rog3733 ( Feedback Score Of 1 )
See The Video ~ EARLY 1935 Scroll Plate Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine (#320794484732)     US $475.00

Very good communication with seller. The packaging was amazing! Very pleased.
Member id susan3rn ( Feedback Score Of 3 )   Oct-10-11 16:26

US $520.25

Beautiful, well cared for machine..excellent packaging..perfect seller!! A+++++
Member id glmrgirl ( Feedback Score Of 172)    Oct-08-11 09:00
Wonderful History 1945 Scrolled Plate Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine BONUS! (#320765904766)

US $595.00

I pride myself on knowing how to ship these treasures.  Believe me, few things are more heartbreaking than to purchase a Featherweight online and then have it arrive cracked and broken and ruined, never to sew again.  Early in my collecting I purchased online twice.  Both arrived ruined. Insurance is fine, but I know you want your Featherweight, not the insurance check!  I am  proud to say I shipped a Featherweight all the way to Japan safely. It arrived  in perfect condition.  The lovely lady who purchased it registered on eBay for the sole purpose of buying a Singer Featherweight as they are so rare in Japan.  She chose my Featherweight, which I took as a tremendous honor.  When her pride and joy arrived safe and sound, it was so exciting for both of us.  So rest assured that the packaging of your Featherweight will be top-notch and every precaution will be taken to ensure its safe arrival. Shipping charges depend on your address, but an average is $36.00 for USPS with insurance coverage.

(Click  here to see how I package my Featherweights.)