~ Featherweight Packaging & Shipping ~
It's so important that special care is taken in the packaging of your Featherweight.  As I mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter one whit that it's insured because you want your Featherweight, not an insurance check!  When I first starting collecting, I purchased two machines online.  Imagine my heartbreak when they arrived ruined -- broken beyond repair.  Each was purchased from a different seller, so it wasn't just one shipper who did not know how to ship a Featherweight!  Of course, not all online sellers package poorly, but I still remember to this day how badly I felt.  I knew I could find another Featherweight, but those two were ruined and these lovely machines will never be made again; all we have is what's out there right now.  I thought I would share with you some photos and examples of the best way I've found to pack them to avoid disappointment.  Of course, if a box is run over and crushed, nothing can protect the machine.  But I've shipped over 140 Featherweights, one as far away as Japan, without incident. 
First, I start with a wonderful Featherweight and place it on the soft carpet.
Fabric is placed between the bed and the thumbscrew on the plate to avoid  bruising the paint.
If the accessories are in a box, they remain secure in their case slot.  If they are loose, they are padded with tissue and securely tucked into the case.  Next, the spool pin is removed from the top of the machine.  The screw is threaded back into the hole so it doesn't get lost. 

The carton is going to get turned every which way in transit, even upside down.  If the spool pin is installed, the weight of the sewing machine will cause it to punch right through the lid of the case when it's turned upside down.  This will ruin the case, bend the pin and in some instances can crack the body of the Featherweight.  Ouch!
The spool pin is padded with clean white tissue and safely tucked into the side of the case.  The case is designed so that the Featherweight cannot move over to that side, so there is not much danger of the spool pin being damaged.  However, I like to pad it for extra care.
Next, the Featherweight is placed back into its case.  I leave the bobbin case installed in the sewing machine as this has proven to be the safest and most secure place.
The foot pedal is wrapped and cushioned to prevent it from scratching or damaging the machine.  It is then tucked securely under the arm of the Featherweight.  I don't leave the pedal in the lid as I need that extra room for cushioning the machine.  I want to keep it from moving even a little bit.
The bobbin winder gets a blanket of bubble wrap and is lowered securely to the hand wheel to keep it from moving.  The bubble wrap also covers the opening where the spool pin was removed.
Everything cushioned, wrapped and ready for the final packing.
An extra layer of tissue protects the Featherweight. 
Bubble wrap fills any airspace in the lid, leaving the Featherweight tight and secure.  This keeps the sewing machine from moving in transit, protecting both it and its case from damage.  Again, this would not be necessary if the carton would not be turned upside down or tossed around on a conveyor belt.   Using the carrying case to tote the Featherweight around keeps the sewing machine perfectly protected.  Turning it upside down is not recommended ;-))
Styrofoam lines the entire shipping carton, making a safe and snug place for your Featherweight to travel.  All of the extra precautions I take in packaging are expensive and time consuming, but worth it.  I want my beloved Featherweights to have a safe trip so they can continue working their magic for their new owners.
More bubble wrap protects the entire case, making it even more secure.  The less the Featherweight can move in transit, the safer it will be.
A kiss for luck and she's on her way!  And, hopefully, I've made a new lifetime friend who will share her creating adventures with me.