I absolutely adore the old-style bears and while her photos don't do her justice, I know that the seasoned bear collector will recognize her shape and style right off.  Created from very traditional Golden Blonde mohair fur, this lovely lady is dressed in a slightly shabby and totally lavish old dress topped with an amazing antique lace collar.  Around her neck she wears an embellished old key on a dark brown velvet ribbon.  Be sure and take note of her "breather" nose and her deeply cupped ears.   (Color alert!  My monitor is showing her photos a bit more gold than her true color.)

It's been a while since I stitched this style nose.  While it's time consuming, I love the end result.  Airbrushing and a light coat of wax to give it a nice shine finishes off the look.
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Ernestina is 17 inches tall and fully jointed with discs, locknuts and bolts for long-lasting heirloom quality.  She is nicely weighted with bbs and has hand-stitched claws and airbrushed outlines on her Merino wool paw pads.  And of course, she has an ample bear hump that gives her the perfectly slouchy posture that you find in antique bears.
The rich brown velvet ribbon is such a pretty contrast to the amazing lace bodice of Ernestina's dress.  I always delight when I come across amazing lace like this.  It's rare and so special.  I created her pendant by embellishing an old key with a vintage heart.
Ernestina's super-long muzzle and large premium glass eyes give her the styling of her early German cousins.